Clinical Skills Boot Camp DAY ONE - One Day Purchase £99

Clinical Skills Boot Camp DAY ONE - One Day Purchase £99

  • £99.00

You are currently purchasing DAY ONE ONLY.
Monday 13th September 2021
Did you lose out on practical days training because of Covid?
Have you not been able to start up your practice after your training?
Do you need to practice your skills?
Join us for a 5-day Podiatrist led Clinical Skills Boot Camp or pick and choose the days.
This is your option to purchase day one.

Spend the day in the clinic with a POD
An introduction to professional practice
How to meet and greet your patients
Professional standards and conduct
An introduction to consent
An introduction to H&S
Policies, procedures, and templates
Safe Clinical practice
How to handle your instruments safely
How to decontaminate
Focus on nail cutting – the do’s and don’ts
CPD on nail structure and anatomy
CPD on differential diagnosis of nail conditions
Different nail cutting techniques
Use of different types of nippers
Using burrs for filing nails
Tips and tricks of the trade
See how a clinic runs in real life
Talk to and ask patients questions in real time
Ask questions as treatments are being done
3 – 5 pm Optional Q&A
Places are limited. Sign up soon to reserve your space.
And yet... what if you want more! If one day is not enough, you can join us for all five days or chekc out what's happening and pick the days you want to join in!
With live, in-clinic examinations, question and answer sessions, training, and exams we offer a safe, friendly, and constructive environment for honing skills, enhancing skills and advancing skills.

This is the beta test of the course; it will be rolled out in 2022 for £1099 for five days! And £237.00 for one day!
Don’t miss this opportunity to join for just £99.00 per day
OR all five days for £495.00.
All we ask for offering you this course at less than 50% is that you complete the feedback form at the end of your course.

This course is Online, Nicola will be in the clinic and your sessions will be via zoom.

You can enhance your experience further by attending the 2- or 5-day in person clinical experience from £500.00.

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