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This is our popular Lacuna method training workshop, but an ONLINE Live one-to-one version via Zoom. Note, This course is now available at 

With this version of the course it'll just be you and Nicola! 

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As the Corona crisis has meant we can't physically get out on the road, we're going to hold an online version of the course via Kajabi as and when required so we can bring the course to a screen near you! Lets face it, we're going to be having some time off in the next few weeks so why not get this under your belt? 

The course comes with a starter kit of burrs and holders plus an electronic version of the course booklet, which will enable the delegate to be able to start practising as soon as they've done the theory, I'll post training kits out as required...

What it covers...

Background CPD regarding Onychomycosis (OM), differential diagnosis, availability of test kits & lab work, alternative treatments, patient expectations, contra indication, referral, consent forms, audit processes, clinical photography, marketing, patient information templates, safety, PPE, nail dust risk assessment and introduction of the starter kit that is included in the course.

'Why the name Lacuna?'

How its a standardisation of a procedure that has been carried since the 1970's. How using a standardised protocol gives protection to the clinician and aids the ability to audit results and manage patient expectations.

Historic context of micro drilling tiny holes into an OM to facilitate the ability for the patient to deliver an anti-fungal agent to the point of the active infection (the
nail bed). As it is now shown the topical agents 
are ineffective as they cannot penetrate the nail surface.

The idea of micro drilling the nail (Or fenestrating as it is commonly known) was originally patented in 1978 and has been used by State reg. and Non-State reg. Chiropodists since then (this was before HCP inception) to help treat OM nails. It can be carried out by Podiatrists, Chiropodists and FHPs...

Looking into the research on micro drilling OM nails, it became obvious there was a need to bridge the gap between clinicians just freehand.

Therefore we devised a simple and effective protocol for Podiatrists, Chiropodists and FHP's to follow that met the requirements of following Evidenced Based Medicine and NICE clinical guidelines whilst still falling within the remit of
their own insurances, clinical skills and training (free hand drilling/burring of a OM nail) without having to purchase hugely expensive and single use equipment.

CE quality - Lacuna Burrs ® were specifically commissioned as nothing was available on the market that met the research study requirement of 0.4mm diameter. The Burrs are made from Italian stainless-steel blanks that are imported to be milled in the UK. They are then Diamond encrusted and CE marked for quality assurance. They are Dental industry standard and autoclavable.

...Lacuna Method ® for fungal nails was born!

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We will be holding 'face to face' days over the coming months for those that need extra mentoring. 


 Any queries call us on 07805 557762 or look Nicola O'Brian up on Facebook... 


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