About Us

Frinton Chiropody Surgery, as it was first known, was originally founded in 1982 and first changed hands in 1990. Its second owner then successfully run the practice for three years before it passed into the hands of Mr Philip Millington, who built on the clinics phenomenal reputation for the next nineteen years.

Now wishing to retire, Mr Millington spent a number of years deciding on who would be worthy to take over the clinic. Finally, in August 2011 he felt the good reputation of the practice and his clients feet would be in very safe hands with Nicola O'Brian, who has now been passed the mantel with Mr Millingtons retirement as of the 23rd March 2012.

By March 2013, we were contacted by Anthony Rose, a Podiatrist with a clinic in Holland-on-Sea, and were asked about doing some of his patients due to a short spell of ill health. We agreed to help out in this troubled time and started to expand our services further towards Clacton-on-Sea and further out to Jaywick.

Eventually, Mr Rose asked us if we would like to take over the day to day running of his clinic and he would semi-retire and just focus on a few select home visits. We had always planned to look at a second premises in due course, but this was much sooner then expected.

Nevertheless, we rose to the challenge and performed a minor miracle. In just over 3 months, we had refurbished the Holland Chiropody Surgery into the second branch of Love Your Feet on September 23rd 2013.

Both sites offer a range of services and we are continually looking for new and innovative services to bring to our clients.