I have experienced great service every time I have visited the clinic. Friendly, knowledgeable staff with a great sense of humour!
My feet have never looked or felt better.

Ruth Ball


Absolutely brilliant, very friendly and lots of laughs and such an improvement afterwards, Sarah was really fantastic!

Pete Inman


I've visited many places on my travels, and this refreshing clean and bright establishment is a dream. I've worked in sterile environments and the instruments used were pristine, there's no way anyone could get an infection here. I'd happily send my family and friends to love your feet.

Jim Leigh


As a health professional myself, I felt in safe hands coming to this podiatry clinic. Love Your Feet provides exemplary treatment and has the highest clinical standards, I would recommend them to anyone who is suffering with foot pain or foot health issues.

Emily Ball


Have known this lady as she trains other in a professional capacity. Extremely knowledgeable about feet and I can assure you have practice habits do not include any dirty instruments or bad medications. She is highly trained and a stickler for hygiene. A created to the profession and a go to help to others in the feet industry. The previous posts were added by children and should be ignored.

Terry Fordham