Fungal Nail Treatment

What is a Fungal Nail Infection?

Many people will develop a fungal nail infection at some point.  Developing slowly over time it discolours the nail and can make it thick and brittle.  It can be limited to a single nail or spread to infect all of them. 

How can it be treated?

We offer the lacuna method for treating fungal nails.  A series of very small holes are drilled into the affected nails allowing the Lamisil anti-fungal treatment to penetrate through the nail and to the nail bed where the fungal spores are growing. Lamisil is applied on a daily basis until the nail is clear.

We also offer nail lacquers that can be painted on the nails on a weekly basis. To make this option as effective as possible the brittle and loose nail is removed and thickened nails reduced.