Verruca Treatment

What are Verrucas?

Small bumpy growths on the feet or hands, often with black dots on the surface, are caused by a virus that invades the skin through tiny cuts or scrapes.

Verrucas on the feet can become painful when they are in weight-bearing areas and they can be difficult to treat with over the counter treatments often failing.

What’s involved?

  • We take time to understand your existing medical conditions and medication, we’ll also undertake a diabetic suitability review.
  • We’ll discuss any questions or concerns you have about potential treatments
  • We will undertake a neuro-vascular assessment to measure sensation and circulation in order for us to be best informed to advise you on potential treatment options.
  • We’ll take a good look at your feet and undertake a full inspection for you.

Treatment Options

Verruca Needling
Single treatment under local anaesthesia lasting about an hour with two 15 minute review sessions

Acid-based Treatment & Conservative Management
Treatment sessions as required (dependent on treatment plan)
Suitable for children aged 10 and under