Routine Podiatry / Footcare

  • You may have experienced pain, soreness or discomfort in your feet
  • You may want treatment for everyday foot care concerns such as hard skin, corns or thickened nails
  • You may just want to ensure that your feet are in tip-top condition and to keep them that way!

How can we help you?

Many of our clients come to see us on a one-off or regular basis for everyday foot care that might include...
  • Assessment of your current foot health and discussion of any specific problems
  • Understanding existing medical conditions and medication
  • Neuro-Vascular assessment to measure sensation and circulation
  • Diabetic foot assessment when appropriate
  • Inspection of your feet


Treatment, advice and initial foot care which might include:

  • Nail cutting
  • Reducing thickened nails
  • Corn removal
  • Reduction or removal of hard skin (medical term is “callus”)
  • Treatment of cracked heals
  • Fungal nail and Athlete’s Foot treatment
  • Discussion of follow on treatment and next steps
We will explain the different options available to you, what’s involved in each and ensure you feel fully informed every step of the way.