Nail Care & Nail Surgery

What is an Ingrowing Toenail?

Is the side of your nail digging into your toe causing pain and infection? Has a nail thickened or deformed making closed-in shoes uncomfortable to wear? These are all signs of ingrowing nails. A part of the nail or the whole nail can easily be removed to resolve these problems. 

What’s involved in nail surgery?

Parts of a nail or even a whole nail can easily be removed to resolve these problems.  

What’s involved in nail surgery?


  • We’ll check whether the condition needs temporary or a permanent solution
  • We’ll want to check and confirm that you are able to be given a local anaesthetic
  • We will explain the procedure and aftercare plan, giving you an opportunity to get answers to your questions

Surgical appointment

  • We’ll perform the surgery under local anaesthetic and with clinical support
  • After surgery, we’ll dress the wound
  • Remember – bring a friend or family member as you will not be able to drive or walk home!


We’ll arrange another appointment for two days after your surgery to review and re-dress the wound. It may be necessary to book further weekly reviews to ensure the wound is healing properly.